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Kicks Online | Patch 2.0 Applied.

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Patch 2.0 Applied.

Posted by: Pade Posted on: 04 Aug, 2020

Game changes:

* Level 60 Legend Reward:
Once reaching the maximum level in Kicks Online (60) , 5000 KASH will be loaded into the player account

* Game lobby tips list updated

* 5 New items added in the Kicks Shop.

* Graphics update

* New variety of commands added , type #commands for the full commands list


Website changes:

Match Log:
This match log page displays each completed match on Kicks Online (3vs3/4vs4/5vs5). All the information is public and everyone can watch any match results

* Servers page:
This page has been drastically changed and it's now synchronized with the game

* Countdown feature:
This feature will be used for any kind of events ongoing on Kicks Online and will display a global countdown on the servers page

* Character Panel:
On this page you can see your tournament points for your characters now