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Kicks Online | Game Patch 3.0 completed.

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Game Patch 3.0 completed.

Posted by: Pade Posted on: 18 Aug, 2020

Event Points Exchange:
This new feature will allow players to trade their 'EVENT POINTS' and obtain amazing rewards. More information can be found in the FAQ page.

Screnshoot feature pressing 'F12' KEY:
By pressing the key 'F12' you can take an instant capture screenshot of the game , the picture will be saved on the folder of Kicks Online , inside the 'Screenshot' folder. 

Auto-Updater and patch version:
Loading bar added when the game is downloading new updates. It now also displays the last official game patch version.

Servers information:
The launcher displays the servers information on real-time , current players and experience rate.

Events Tab:
This tab in the launcher displays all the scheduled and ongoing events in Kicks Online.

Ranking Tab:
This tab in the launcher displays a global ranking TOP-50 by highest level in Kicks Online.


The new URL game download has been updated in the 'DOWNLOADS' section.