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Kicks Online | Game updates - Server back online!

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Game updates - Server back online!

Posted by: Dervet Posted on: 13 Oct, 2020

As many of you have noticed our posts from our facebook and twitter social media pages , some of our website functions were not available and launcher was not opening , the game was offline for 3 days due an technical error , we worked hard to detect the issue and fix it as soon as possible.


Last modifications recently applied:

Security DNS & Cloudflare:
We made additional changes on the of our Cloudflare protection server to prevent to it block our game launcher that was not opening sometimes.

We removed the (NEW!) tag from ALL the current items , due these are not new anymore , we will use that tag only for new further items, additionally to that , an adjustment on the price of the items has been made.

We have increased the experience on all the existing missions , these give 13 times more of experience and points than before.

These will be rewarded multiplied by (*10) on the official server and (*15) on the club server.
A total of (15) new missions were added , these are mixted (INDIVIDUAL / WITH YOUR TEAM).

Missions translated in other languages:

We have increased the max limit of club members per club from 13 to 15. Also we added a new helpful tool for the players when they looking for a club to join , it now display the moderation type of the club on the page.

You send the request and are automatically accepted in the club.
Requires club leader approval first.

Servers page:
On the servers page it now displays the latest version update (Useful to make sure you are running the correct version of Kicks Online) , it also displays now the required minimum & maximum level of each server to access.