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Kicks Online | Happy new year - KicksTube launch and small changes.

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Happy new year - KicksTube launch and small changes.

Posted by: Dervet Posted on: 31 Dec, 2020

Happy new year! Kicks Online 2008 - 2021

Another year for Kicks Online the strongest community ever! , we want to thank all old-players who are still playing , and to the new players: Be welcome to our community!

This new year we are launching KicksTube , and making some small changes. Kicks Tube is already available on the official website of Kicks Online!

KicksTube it's a public gallery with pure content of Kicks Online , this feature allows to save your images and videos in our site , all the community will be able to see your content and comment it.

Additionally to that , we have also updated the General Rules which we suggest a brief read.

Other game changes made:
SB Position can now use POWERFUL SHOOT - (Click here to view forum thread)
New characters will automatically receive a 250% EXP Boost Powerful Soda for 50 matches
Inventory bug fixed for the items +15
All the Sprays , cookies and Candies are now available to purchase with points
$5 USD Payment withdrawal with Kicks Points reduced from 40 to 20
KASH purchase show the error: "Username doesn't exist" bug fixed

While I was writing this note, I took a few moments to read the notes from the last old news. Remembered those difficult times for the project, when we got denied to list the game in steam 4 times , when our company host was not able to keep the game running and we had to switch company , where expectations for the project were not very high when seeing all the work that lay ahead of us and how complicated it was to move forward.

Now is the time to rest, to spend these dates in the best way you can to start 2021 with everything.
Whatever happens, as long as you enter we will be there to accompany you and have some fun.


Happy Holidays and happy new year!