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Kicks Online | FREE Stat reset available for 10 days.

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FREE Stat reset available for 10 days.

Posted by: Pade Posted on: 06 May, 2021

We believe one of the fundamental characteristics that differentiates Kicks Online game from another games that can be found on the same theme, are the elements of an MMO that can be found in it, and it is the case of the attributes of each character. These provide great freedom to arm your player in the way they most conveniently create and adapted to the style of play they want to carry with them. Many players still don't know how to build a character , where to asign their stats and other type of factors.

Being said that:
All the players will have the opportunity to reset the stats at no cost (FOR FREE) for a period of (10 days) and try new builds according to the gameplay of each player.


If you have any doubts about how to build your character feel free to ask in our forum and the community will try to help.

Additional useful information about the stats: (Click here)