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Kicks Online | Advances about the incoming migration

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Advances about the incoming migration

Posted by: Pade Posted on: 07 May, 2021

As much as there are people in the community who help new players or our fantastic staff working on making events or working improving the game by adding new functions, designs and more attractions to make the game more entertaining. There are also people who try to bring down the project, annoy, try to get benefits or abuse bugs or even attacking our hosting datacenter making impossible to play in our servers , the typic disconnect UDP error or even when game launcher not opening , not even talking about the daily spam forum bots we receive.

With that said, I am committed to taking drastic action over the next few weeks and making Kicks Online an stable game by moving and migrating all the existing accounts to the new hosting company, with better game performance in a datacenter which will mitigate the attacks , we will also adcquire a completely new forum with a custom theme style which will include more protection against the bots and attacks attemps.

Some points to take in mind:

1) The migration of Kicks Server to the new hosting provider will contains the full data: Accounts / Characters / Kash / Kicks Points / Skills / Items and everything as it was on the previous hosting company. 

2) The current forum accounts will not be migrated due to the incompatibility of the forum software we will adcquire.

3) Only for players that doesn't play from Steam:
In the next coming days we will update the download link of the game with an completely new client version for NO-STEAM players , this modification will make some required changes to keep the game updated and syncronized with Steam this redownload it's necessary to run the latest game version.