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Kicks Online | [Patchnotes] 10.0

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[Patchnotes] 10.0

Posted by: Roxas Posted on: 11 May, 2021

Here are the patchnotes for the latest patch 10.0:

[UI] Replaced the useless stats "Goalkeeping, Punching, Defense" from the ingame character information  with "Permanent Stat Points, Tourney Points, Kickspoints".

[Missions] The ingame missions will now get assigned per player rather than per room.

This means that during the same match, each player most likely will have a different mission to fulfill

[Position] Changed the auto stats for SB from "Running, BallControl, Dribbling, Tackling" to "Running, Endurance, Dribbling, Tackling".

For that all existing SB's have had their stats reset to match the new auto stats

[Rewards] A new reward of 1000 Kash has been added for reaching level 35.

[Rewards] The reward for reaching level 45 has been changed from 1000 Kash to 10 Kickspoints.

[Club] The amount of clubpoints that are earned by playing on the club server has been doubled.

[Characters] The items that are given to newly created characters have been changed as well as the bonus they provide:

"Running+20, Agility+20, BallControl+20, Marking+20" for 7 days and "250% EXP Soda" for 50 matches.

[Commands] Added 3 new chat commands: #betpoints Amount, #betkash Amount, #betkickspoints Amount.

The players can bet an Amount of (Points/Kash/Kickspoints) .

If the bet exceeds (10.000 Points/1.000 Kash/5 Kickspoints), the result will get broadcasted to all online players.

(Note: The betting system can be enabled/disabled by a GM.)

[AI] Improved the movement pattern of AI players.

[AI] Changed the behaviour of the crossing AI players in the training modes 1 and 2.

Now the left crossing AI player will randomly move to 1 out of 3 spots and use Beckham Cross.

After that it will move back to its original spot.

The right crossing AI player behaves the same as before, but has had its cross adjusted to work like this:

        Before: Flying Shot only possible in 3v3 training rooms

        After:  Flying Shot now possible in 4v4 and 5v5 training rooms, not in 3v3 anymore

[Bugfix] Fixed the bug where the player would automatically move when using Choice Point or Air Mastery.

[Bugfix] Fixed the bug where the player would automatically move when using Tackle Catch while it is on cooldown.

[Bugfix] Fixed the bug where Tackle Catch could not be used simultaniously by multiple players.

[Bugfix] Fixed the bug where certain items interfered with each other and caused texture clipping(e.g. Disco legs).