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Kicks Online | Game Patch 11.0 completed.

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Game Patch 11.0 completed.

Posted by: Dervet Posted on: 09 Jun, 2021

We are proud to announce the official release our latest game patch which includes bug fixes and new features added. 

Below a list with the most recent changes:

- Now it display status if enabled/disabled the Golden Time , Club Time , Bet System
- In raking tab now appears the players list with most tournament points gained in the events
- Unnecessary functions were removed: Such as launcher depending if the web is down then launcher doesn't open , also the F12 KEY for screnshoot in-game disabled to have a better game performance.

- Tournament Server Automatization: Once a room is created the players are directly moved from lobby to the room.
- Countdown added in the lobby which display the timeleft (minutes) for the next scheduled tourney.
- Added the option to buy any item in the items shop with stat +15 (Only available after reaching level 35)
- Added new command #selectprize after reaching level 60 you can select the item stat that you prefer.
- Automatically broadcast to all players when someone reached level max in Kicks Online (60)
- Fixed a bug which disconnected a player when reaching the max level.
- Fixed bug which displayed negative EXP value gain after a match

Added new command #prizes:
It displays all the prizes list with their respective items and stats that you can choose between (Running , Endurance , Agility , Ball Control , Dribbling , Stealing , Tackling , Heading , Short Shots , Long Shots , Crossing , Short Passes , Long Passes , Marking)
The players who already reached level 60 and received the "Ball Control +10 Permanent Item" has been removed from their inventory and now you can custom your own item + stat (ONLY USABLE ONE TIME AND IS NOT REVERSIBLE)

Added new commands #playforkash & #playforkickspoints amount:
Only available for the room host it will make the next played match be a bet match. Active ONLY for the next match.
If at least one player in the room doesnt have enough of kash/kps, the command will fail and broadcast the reason.
If everyone has enough to start the challange match it will write "Starting the match for Amount KASH/KPS in 30 seconds... During this time, players can leave the room if they dont want to participate or to abort the command , after 25 seconds have passed it will show the normal countdown and the challange will start.
This will remove the commands effect and it needs to be used again if decided by the room players.
The winner of team of a bet match will receive a 2x amount of the original bet. In case of a draw, nothing happens.
Disconnected players will automatically lose the whole amount and receive a warning for disconnect in a challange match.


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