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Kicks Online 3.0 - (INFO)

Posted by: Pade Posted on: 09 Jul, 2021

After a long period of deliberation, we have decided that the best course of action is to reset the character database and relaunch the game with the original experience values but also including new balance base to the game , new drop reward system , new skills and the game will keep being developed together with the community. 

We will be actively promoting the game and we will allow new streamers to be integrated into our events so they can play with us and spread the word to a wider audience.

View the forum thread about this matter here:

The plan will be set into motion in three weeks from now. The current website could be disabled while we set up everything for the next version of Kicks Online 3.0 and the new website.



1) Old accounts of the current version may be used in future events , but these will not be available to use in the next version of Kicks Online 3.0

2) The EXP/POINTS of Kicks Online 3.0 will be set to (x1)

3) The missions rewards of EXP/POINTS will be increased

4) The drop system has a 50% chances to appear when a match finishes and reward a random player from that match with: (Items, Sodas ions and drinks , skills , celebrations or any other special rewards)

We are dedicated to making this the best version ever of the game which will keep all old improvements made to the game by our development team we will keep working on developing this new version which will not have any future resets , meaning that if you play Kicks Online 3.0 nowadays in 2021 and then you get bored and stop play, you can come back in 5 years and your account will be still there running with probably a lot of new improvements and a different game style that what we see now such as new maps , improvements in the current graphics or items completely new , new skills with their own animations for each position and much more.